Mental Illness Awareness Week

Mental Health, September

From October 1st – October 5th, CNSA will be having our first ever Mental Illness Awareness Week. Students across Canada in all different programs are more than welcome to join us in exploring mental health, mental illnesses, and increasing awareness.

Monday: We will be looking at the legalization of marijuana and its implications on society, especially as nursing students. There will be a conference call

Tuesday: Indigenous Mental Health Day with a focus on Inuit Mental Health. We were able to connect with Esther Powell, who is a wonderful Inuk nurse – she was able to help guide us in the appropriate direction. For this day, we will be releasing a fact sheet on Inuit Mental Wellness. We will also have a video of what we know about Inuit Mental Health, and how we can close the knowledge gaps.

Wednesday: We are focusing on self-care. It is the day to take extra care of yourself, because this day isn’t called “hump day” for no reason. We made a self-care sheet, that is available to print out and use.

Thursday: This day is very special because not only is the LGBTQ+ Mental Health Day, but it is also the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women day where we acknowledge that this is a huge problem our Indigenous women face on a daily basis. Our Indigenous Health Advocacy Committee will be putting out a poster to help raise awareness and will be sending out resources.

Friday: We often do not think of our Senior’s Mental Health, so we are taking the day to focus on how we can learn more about it and this understanding can help up as nursing students within our practice.

Please feel free to contact us (we have a contact page) or visit our site at for more information. We are using the #cnsacares2018 hashtag. For those who are actively participating, there will be a draw for 2 self-care packages (they’re great) so please make sure to use the hashtag otherwise we won’t see it.